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Separation Strategies for Untargeted Metabolomics

Patti GJ
Separation Strategies for Untargeted Metabolomics
Journal of Separation Science, 34(24): pages 3460-3469, 2011 (review)

Metabolomics has rapidly become a profiling technique of choice for biomarker elucidation and molecular diagnostics in addition to studies focused on understanding disease pathogenesis. Key to the success of metabolomics in these areas has been the techniques to separate and analyze the chemically diverse group of compounds comprising the metabolome by using global and untargeted approaches. Untargeted metabolomic efforts have the goal of examining as many metabolites as possible simultaneously and most frequently use an LC/MS-based approach. Here, the importance of LC in an untargeted metabolomic workflow is outlined and separation strategies for optimization are reviewed within the context of these criteria.

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