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Leveraging Insights into Cancer Metabolism

Cable C, Finley L, Tu BP, Patti GJ, Oliver TG, Vardhana S, Mana M, Ericksen R, Khare S, DeBerardinis R, Stockwell BR, Edinger A, Haigis M, and Kaelin W
Leveraging Insights into Cancer Metabolism
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, in press, 2019

Tumor cells have devised unique metabolic strategies to garner enough nutrients to sustain continuous growth andcell division. Oncogenic mutations may alter metabolic pathways to unlock new sources of energy, and cells take theadvantage of various scavenging pathways to ingest material from their environment. These changes in metabolismresult in a metabolic profile that, in addition to providing the building blocks for macromolecules, can also influencecell signaling pathways to promote tumor initiation and progression. Understanding what pathways tumor cells useto synthesize the materials necessary to support metabolic growth can pave the way for new cancer therapeutics.Potential strategies include depriving tumors of the materials needed to grow or targeting pathways involved independencies that arise by virtue of their altered metabolis.

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