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December 2019

It’s a little cheesy, but that’s very fondue of you: holiday party, December 2019

December 2019

Ronnie's first trip (of what is certain to be many) to the NCI, December 2019

March 2019

This is what the Koreans call "과학 이야기로 재미는 밤", March 2019

March 2019

That day Miriam became a bagillionaire, March 2019

October 2018

Particle in the box wins best Halloween costume in the Patti lab. We don't know where Maddie is, therefore we are not sure she exists., October 2018

August 2018

Sarah, a nationally ranked Chess player who moonlights as a biochemist, playing JJ...again, August 2018

June 2018

Mission 3: celebrate with lots of food!, June 2018

June 2018

Mission 1: escape the lab. Mission 2: escape the room., June 2018

June 2018

Kevin and Fuad giving a lecture at Agilent's User Meeting. Hmm... that doesn't look like mass spectrometry?, June 2018

May 2018

Godzilla > Transformers, May 2018

April 2018

Susan giving an outstanding talk at the 2018 Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego. Congrats Susan!, April 2018

April 2018

Congratulations to Conghui Yao for winning second place in the PHD-in-3D competition for 2018! We hope she will share the money prize with the rest of us:), April 2018

March 2018

That day Ronnie became a millionaire, March 2018

December 2017

Gary receives his endowed chair, the Michael and Tana Powell Professorship in Chemistry, December 2017

August 2017

Kevin cracks a smile (with a little help from Photoshop), August 2017

August 2017

Watching a video of cell division on the Etaluma microscope, August 2017
Nate describes the flux capacitor
July 2017

Nate describes the flux capacitor, July 2017
Susan putting some final touches on the new lab design
July 2017

Susan putting some final touches on the new lab design, July 2017
Construction Workers from Patti Lab
May 2017

Nate and Gary watching the new lab being built, May 2017
Fuad and Ronnie Patent Competition
Apr 2017

Congrats to Ronnie and Fuad on winning first place in the WU patent competition for the "RestTest", a technology to objectively quantify sleepiness!, April 2017
Nate Agilent Award
June 2016

Nathaniel wins the Agilent Steve Berger Award!, June 2016
Patti Lab
April 2016

Spring in St. Louis. April 2016
Amber King Gift
December 2015

Business in front, metabolism in back. Gracious gift of Biochemistry student Amber King (Class of 2016). December 2015
Patti Lab Thanksgiving
November 2015

Annual Thanksgiving Party. Feat. Chef Cho. November 2015
Xiaojing Defense Reception
October 2015

Congrats Xiaojing! October 2015
Patti Sushi Clear
July 2015

Group outing: before and after. The question is, how many lab members were there. July 2015
Nate the Statue of Liberty
June 2015

Sometimes Nate pretends to be the Statue of Liberty. We just play along. June 2015
Jessica at ASMS
June 2015

Liz, Susan, and Amanda visit Jessica at her poster to ask the "hard" questions. June 2015
Patti Lab at ASMS
May 2015

Patti group at ASMS... baseball, beer, and mass spectrometry. Does life get any better? May 2015
Gary and Jake
March 2015

Jake Schaefer the champion billiards player or Jake Scaefer the NMR spectroscopist? March 2015
Patti Lab Restaurant Week
January 2015

Patti Lab Members are Enjoying Clayton Restaurant Week. January 2015
Patti Lab Thanksgiving Party
November 2014

Patti Lab's Annual Thanksgiving Party. November 2014
Kevin @ NIH Metabolomics Common Fund Meeting
October 2014

Kevin is waiting for a customer at his poster. October 2014
Nate @ NIH Metabolomics Common Fund Meeting
October 2014

Oliver: "Nate! give me a high five for your awesome work!". October 2014
Jessica @ NIH Metabolomics Common Fund Meeting
October 2014

Jessica is presenting a poster @ NIH Metabolomics Common Fund Annual Meeting. October 2014
Patti Lab Group Photo
September 2014

Some Patti lab members and their friends. September 2014
Dinner w/ Pandey Lab by CIL
June 2014

Dinner with Dr. Pandey's Lab @ ASMS - Special Thanks to Ron Trolard at Cambridge Isotope Laboratories. June 2014
Nate at Poster
June 2014

Nate is presenting his poster @ ASMS. June 2014
Gary SC Talk
June 2014

Metabolomics Short Course by Gary @ ASMS. June 2014
Kevin SC Talk
June 2014

Metabolomics Short Course by Kevin @ ASMS. June 2014
Susan SC Talk
June 2014

Metabolomics Short Course by Susan @ ASMS. June 2014
Xiaojing SC Talk
June 2014

Metabolomics Short Course by Xiaojing @ASMS. June 2014
Nate SC Talk
June 2014

Metabolomics Short Course by Nate @ ASMS. June 2014
Group Photo
June 2014

Graduate Students Gone Wild at Inner-Harbor @ ASMS. June 2014
Nate Craving IC
June 2014

Icecream War @ STL. June 2014
Patti Lab at the Lake
June 2014

Patti Lab @ Lake. June 2014
Patti Lab Dining
March 2014

Group Happy Hour. March 2014
Toys for Tots
December 2013

Toys for Tots @ Toy's R Us. December 2013
Nate w Tux
November 2013

Nate's Tuxedo. November 2013
Patti BBQ
September 2013

Group BBQ @ Shaw Park. September 2013
Patti Seesaw
January 2013

Apparently Amanda is the heaviest group member. January 2013
Patti Lab Loves Biochem

Air Compressors

November 2013

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