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The Patti Lab
Metabolomics to elucidate novel biochemical mechanisms of disease
Job Opportunities
Job opportunities are available.

Job Opportunities

Mass Spectrometry Technologist / Research Associate

We have an opening for a motivated individual who is enthusiastic about working with liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry systems. Responsibilities include maintaining equipment, troubleshooting technical difficulties with mass spectrometers, working with graduate students and collaborators, and implementing standard-operating procedures. A willingness to be very hands-on and take apart instruments for maintenance and optimization is required. Mass spectrometry experience is a plus, but not required. We are considering applicants on all levels. Interested applicants should contact gjpattij@wustl.edu

Laboratory Manager / Research Assistant

We are looking for a scientist who has completed an undergraduate or master’s degree in biology, chemistry, physics, or the equivalent. Successful candidates will be involved in multiple research projects in the laboratory, and will also serve as a laboratory manager. In addition to participating in basic research projects, responsibilities include organizing laboratory equipment, inventorying supplies, scheduling instrument repairs, and coordinating group activities. Interested applicants should contact gjpattij@wustl.edu

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

Please send a CV and cover letter to gjpattij@wustl.edu

Graduate Students

Interested graduate students should apply through the Department of Chemistry or the Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences at Washington University:
http://www.chemistry.wustl.edu/graduate http://dbbs.wustl.edu/prospstudents/Pages/ProspectiveStudents.aspx

Undergraduate Researcher

We are looking for motivated undergraduate researchers to work on two specific projects in our lab, but it is required that you have expertise in at least one of the following areas.

  • Computer programming (R, C, Ruby), algorithm design, multivariate and Bayesian statistical analysis (Seriously, we generate cool data)
  • Cell culture, metabolism
  • Mass spectrometry, NMR

Research in our lab is highly self-motivated. Your motivation, planning, and persistence will be necessary to have a worthwhile research experience.
If you are interested please send your CV to gjpattij@wustl.edu

Washington University, Departments of Chemistry, Genetics, and Medicine. Saint Louis, Missouri 63110 USA