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The Patti Lab
Metabolomics to elucidate novel biochemical mechanisms of disease
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Job opportunities are available.
We have two laboratory locations. Medical Campus Laboratory - Danforth Campus Laboratory

Danforth Campus

Our laboratory is on the second floor of the McMillen Chemistry Laboratory building (#71 on this map). If you are driving West on Forest Park Parkway, turn left at the second stoplight West of Skinker Blvd. There will be a parking garage immediately to your left called the Milbrook Parking Garage (#85 on this map). After parking, exit the garage at the furthest South-East corner. McMillen Chemistry Laboratory will be the first building on your left after crossing Throop Drive.
Danforth Campus Map


McMillen Chemistry Laboratory
Room 208
Phone: 314-935-8813

Dr. Patti

McMillen Chemistry Laboratory
Room 208A
Email: gjpattij@wustl.edu
Phone: 314-935-3512

Shipping Address for Samples and Packages

McMillen Chemistry Laboratory
Washington University
1 Brookings Dr @ Throop Drive Rm 102
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
Attn: G. Kohring/Patti Laboratory
(314) 935-6562

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